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Re: [IP] Social progress???

In a message dated 4/17/99 8:54:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< they just did a story about drug users
 having access to insulin needles... an elected official feels that the best
 way to end iv drug use is to make insulin needles illegal!!! the flip side
 of the story was an interview with a diabetic and the politician said that
 diabetics will just have to find a different way to get insulin in them
 because the drug problem affects more people then a 'few' diabetics...


	I'm interested in two things here....What state was this in?  Are 
insulin syringes sold by prescription in your state?  The reason I'm 
interested in this is that I live in NYC and in NY State you need a 
prescription for them.  It's weird though cause I can order them from a place 
in Ohio (listed in Diabetes Forecast) and have them sent without a 
prescription.  Anyways, the point here is that we have a community problem 
here that I've been active in trying to stop and that is a Needle Exchange 
Program for drug addicts!  Some morons in the community and one hospital feel 
that having a mobile unit to go to known drug areas and exchange dirty 
needles (hand in ONE get THREE new ones back!!!!!) will cut down on HIV.  Now 
thankfully NONE of these areas are near my home, but NO area should have to 
be subjected to this type of insanity!  If I need a prescription to buy 
syringes for my 3 diabetic children, why do the drug addicts get them #1 
HANDED TO THEM and #2 for FREE!  Now I've been told by the mental midget 
who's spearheading this idiotic idea that diabetics can participate in this 
program if they want.....so now let's see......hmmmmmmm...... I can take my 4 
children to a drug infested neighborhood, and stand on line with the addicts 
and when it's our turn at the needle truck I can get 3 new syringes for every 
ONE I hand in!!!  oh joy :-(  NOT IN A BILLION YEARS!!!!!   Nobody has handed 
me free syringes even when my husband's union was out on strike for 5 months 
and we lost medical benefits (a story in itself) and NOW I have to tolerate 
drug addicts getting free needles to shoot up while I figure out how to buy 
180 syringes a month for 3 children?? (that # will be cut in half as soon as 
Stevie gets on the pump) but still, this INFURIATES me.  I printed out the 
original post about what that ignorant politician said and I'd love to have 
the whereabouts to show my councilman who's helping us fight this NAIL AND 
TOOTH.  Thanks for letting me VENT!!!!!

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