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[IP] Infusion Set Question

Hi All!

	Well, MiniMed called and infomed me on Thursday that Steven's pump 
and supplies will be 100% covered by our insurance!!  YEAH!!!  Far cry from 
their initial answer of "Insulin Pumps are NOT covered under our policy for 
any circumstances" <<<<GRIN>>>>.  They asked me what color pump Stevie wanted 
(of course blue!) and that was it....It's due for delivery on Monday.

	Now on to my question.  A good friend of mine who is a CDE and was 
Steven's dietician till she changed jobs closer to home was here visiting us 
yesterday.  Of course the pump was our MAIN topic of conversation.  She asked 
me what kind of infusion sets we were getting and I told her the person from 
MM never asked me.  She had me call to check and he said Sof-set was being 
sent.  She said Silouettes would have been much better for him cause he is so 
thin.  He's the tallest child in his class (3rd grade) and he's only 68 lbs.  
She told me that in the past MM has not been good with her patients about 
exchanging supplies like this and MM is sending me 3 months worth!!  The man 
at MM said there would be no problem exchanging as long as the boxes were 
unopened.  My first question:

1. Has anyone on the list had any experience with returning supplies under 
such circumstances?  Was MM cooperative?  Am I STUCK with 3 months worth of 
supplies I may not be able to use?

2.  Those of you with kids on the pump....what has your experience been with 
Silouettes vs. Sof-set?  Should we try it anyway?

	Thanks for your answers here!  Any info will help I'm sure.  Oh and 
BTW, I separated the questions for anyone who snips them for their 
reply...Maybe trying this will cut down on the complaints about long snips :-)

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