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[IP] Silouette, Comfort, Tender insertion angle

Last night, I was told I was inserting my Silouette set too shallowly
(about 30 degree angle).  I had never tried it deeper, and thought maybe I
had got confused somehow with my thinking that you can insert it shallower
(I'm on the thin side, one of my reasons for not using the Sof-Set).  So I
inserted on a 45 degree angle (abdomen is where it is right now).  First,
the insertion was a lot more painful.  But I can get over that.  But since
then, occassionally when I twist or pick up something with a little wieght,
I feel something in my side rubbing (it took twice to figure out that it
was probably my infusion set, it isn't pain, but I definately don't like
the feeling of something rubbing underneath my skin).  The site looks okay,
but when I jab at it I can feel it (which I never could before, it isn't
pain that much, I just can feel it).  So this is what I'm wondering.  Is it
just the site that is causing this or could it be the angle I inserted?
Also I inserted it vertically (my pump trainers suggestion), could that be
another source of the problem?  

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