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Re: [IP] A fear of mine

On Fri, 16 Apr 1999, FIS wrote:

> At 10:52 PM 4/16/1999 EDT, you wrote:
> >I also have a problem like you do but only sleep 4 to 5 hours a night.  I 
> >really have problems the night after I have a low sugar Iwont sleep at
> all. I 
> >was told that I have an anxiety problem and should talk to my pcp about it.  
> >----------------------------------------------------------
> last night i finally fell asleep at 6 am this morning and had to wake up at
> 8 am to go to school.. this only happens once and awhile but when it does
> it wipes me out (just like this time going on for 3 nights now.)
Lily complains of being unable to sleep if she starts to get low. It is 
one of the warning signs. Have a snack. If you've been physically busy or 
have some other thing that caused an energy drain that day, don't be 
bashful about turning your night time basals down a tenth. You can fix 
them in the morning or when you feel things have returned to normal. Lily 
must do this fairly often because of monthly cycles and her soccer 
work-out routine that is a day to day thing every week. I woke her night 
before last at 2:30 and whe was 40. It took 7 glucose tabs and a piece of 
toast to get her up to 100. Her bg's were acceptable in the morning (no 
rebound, thank goodnes). This doesn't happen often, but it does happen. 
Tonight (an most nights) she was 140 YMMV.

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