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[IP] first day of pumping

Well I feel like I officially belong here now I'm pumping at last!
Sorry about the length of this, but
for all those of you who asked me to tell them how I'm getting on,
here's the story so far. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.
(sorry, that one will be lost on most of you!)

I went back to the clinic yesterady afternoon and my supplies had all
The nurse wasn't going to help me do anything - she jsut havnded it
all to me and said get on with it (in between long chats on her mobile
phone to various people). The only thing she did do was show me how to
load the Sofserter. The rest - filling the reservoir, getting the air
out, connecting it all, inserting the Sofset and setting the basal
rate - she left entirely to me "well you're the one who's gonig to be
doing it". I thought the point of the nurse wa to train you in how to
use it. Obviously not. And  yes, I asked her outright if she had been
trained officially by Minimed and she said yes. trained to do what I
wonder.... I on;y realised afterwards that she had no concept of
different basal rates, since she only uses the Minimed 505 (with one
basal rate). Her view is that it's cheaper and you don't need any of
the extra features of the newer models! At that point I didn't realise
the 505 only had one basal rate or I would have had something to say.
Anyway, so I inserted the Sofset and was amaxed it didn't hurt at all
(I had practised with one earlier but without the SOfserter - I just
stuck it in which didn't hurt much, but I was still surprised at how
easy it was).
Started off with a basal rate of 0.2 until the evening (since my
long-acting insulin was still working actively), and then 0.7 during
the night. I made the mistake of going to the gym that evening though
(probably not the wisest thing to do but I was bored!)
and just to be awkward my Bg decided to shoot up to 20 (360) and stay
there despite huge quantities of Humalog over the next few hours. At
this point I was wondering if the insulin was actually going in - al
ready to give some by injection when it came back down to 11 (198)
where it stayed all night. I've been runnign a bit on th elow side so
far today so have decreased it to 0.6 (probably still some NPH left in
my system) and it's been remarkably stable so far. We'll see what
happens over the next few days. 

Thanks for all those who've given me advice so far. 

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