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Re: [IP] A fear of mine..sleeping.

Well I thought I was the only one afraid to go to sleep..I was beginning to
think I was losing my mind.  I know most of it is in my head.  I had a bad
low one night years ago...woke up in the emergency room. It didn't bother me
until 3 years ago when I left home for school...I guess I felt safe with my
parents around!

Now I have trouble going to bed with good sugar levels..kinda frustrating
actually...the pump "cured" me for a while but I guess old habits die hard.
It is now almost 3:30 am here and my sugar is 6.7 (or 121) and I just ate
and now waiting to see if it will rise any before I can go to bed!

It's a no win situation.  Although I wouldn't want anyone to feel the same
way...it's nice to know that I'm not alone...thanks guys!

Tara B.

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