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[IP] RE: Test Proudly!

The first blood test meter in the USA was imported from England. One used a 
water bottle that squirted a narrow stream to rinse off the test strip. One 
used a watch with a second hand to time 55 seconds after placing a huge blood 
drop before rinsing and then blotting the test strip. The huge strip was then 
immediately placed in the meter and locked in place for the test. For memory 
you could either write it down or remember it. The good part was one didn't 
have to use the bathroom. Any sink would do. I was even able to let the water 
drain into a pile of napkins. That was not possible with a dropper tube of 
urine. Five drops of urine, ten drops of water, drop in a tablet that you 
couldn't touch wait till it stops bubbling and compare the color of the 
liquid to a color chart with shades of purple. But because we had insulin 
diabetics could live a normal healthy life. But these days for the price of 
half a dozen cigarettes I can test my blood anywhere anytime so discretely 
with the DEX meter that it is unnoticed. I test while walking, while watching 
a movie in a theater, while watching a ball game, while driving. Now with the 
pump making insulin delivery discrete it is more true that diabetics can live 
a normal healthy life. But disease is still a jealous mistress.
Sleepless in Los Angeles,
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