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Re: [IP] A fear of mine

>On the breath taste subject..
>It is strange when i go high i don't taste/smell anything its when i go low
>that i can tell something is different.  when i hit a low spell and i
>breath it feels like my cheast is hollow.  (i am the only one that ever
>understands this discription)  ha ha.
Actually I do understand this question.  And it scares me that I do.  When I
go low I have a weird feeling in my chest that feels "tight" as I call it.
After a bad low one night, I woke up in the hospital hooked up to a heart
monitor, a heated blanket, and an oxygen tank.  The reason the doctor gave
me, was that when the paramedics arrived, my blood sugar was 28.  I have had
these once in a while when awake and been conscious but because I was asleep
it affected me differently.  When they arrived I showed signs of difficulty
breathing and my pulse had slowed down below normal rates. (eeek) Scary
thing to tell a 17 year-old.  They noticed that my hands were cold and
hooked me up to a thermometer and noticed that my body temp was 79, usual
being 98.6, thus the heated blanket.  Basically when I run low my blood gets
so thin that it affects my heart rate, lungs, and body temperature.  Thus
why I get a "tight" feeling in my chest.
Notice:  I am not a medical expert, just stating my experience. YMMV

Hope that helps, sorry so long,
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Insulin Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/
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