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Re: [IP] A fear of mine


I understand what you mean about the sleeping since I have gone on the pump Im
terrified of having a low in my sleep (never had a low prior due to bad
control).  My uncle is a diabetic also and he doesn't wake up when he is having
a low but his wife always notices and starts to wake him.  Im hoping this will
get better.  I have found It doesn't bother me as much in the day time, if Im
still very long I usually fall asleep.  For the first few days every time I
would start to doze off it would scare me. *L*  Good luck!

FIS wrote:
> This may sound Funny to some of you but for me it SCARES the hell out of
> me.  I guess it is mainly the idea of loss of control when i can't tell i
> am loosing control.
> For me Sleeping (yes sleeping) scares me to death sometimes.
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