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Re: [[IP] Kidney Protein]

email @ redacted wrote:
I've been diabetic for 20 years and for the last 6 years, my blood sugars 
were terrible due to stupidity.  Six months ago, I did an 24-hour urine and 
my protein was 600/mg.  I IMMEDIATELY started getting my blood sugar control 
and my docter put me on ace inhibitors and now my 24-hour urin is 200 mg.  I 
am going on the pump to try and gain better control for the health of my 
kidneys.  Anyone else out there with protein problems and have they reversed 
since going on the pump?  Thanks.

>>>>I've been diabetic for 29 yrs and my bs were also terrible due to
stupidity,1/2 my fault-1/2 the Drs I was seeing! My PCP thought my extreme 
hypos were due to kidney problems so I was sent to a kidney specialist
immediately to have tests, 24 hr urine and blood tests. I was put on ace
inhibitors and then started on the pump at the same time.Well it's been almost
2 yrs and I don't think there has been any progression in the desease, which
is good.I will have another 24 hr urine done for my next visit so I will know
more than hopefully.Congratulations on your improvement and best wishes on the
pump, which will make a definite improvement in many ways all around I'm sure!

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