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Re: Test Proudly! (Was Re: [IP] Blaming Diabetics)

I had a greater reaction from a woman while testing in the rest room than I ever
have at the table.  I thought the lady was going to break the door down trying
to get out of the bathroom.  You have to realize not all of us are comfortable
using a public rest room for what it is designed for much less checking our bg
or giving shots (pre pump).  When out with others I will ask if they mind me
checking my bg right there. (Needless to say that If they should say no it is
likely we will not dine with them again, Im over feeling guilty for having
Diabetes) As for others in the restaurant I don't tell them not to cough in my
direction or not to blow their nose at the table and if Im not endangering them
with my blood I feel it really isn't any of their busy.  They wouldn't see it if
they were minding their own business.  I feel if I have to go to the dirty
bathroom now the next step will be that I can't test in public at all.  Im sure
people would rather see me test than to inconvenience them by having a reaction
right there in a restaurant and keeping them from receiving their meal.  This is
just my opinion.  Every one is entitled to one.

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