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[IP] RE: 'Honalulu'

Hello fellow pumpers	

Can you purchase supplies in Hawaii -Honalulu ( not sure whether I have
spelt it correctly)  It's just my sister and brother-inlaw, are off on
to Europe, and their last three days are spent in Honalulu, they are not
going anywhere else in the USA, but wondering is it possible to purchase
supplies there for the 507 pump?  Thanks everyone, about info on the
Accu-chek meter, now my husband would like to purchase the software that
comes with it.  Someone mentioned you must be running Windows 95, is
there anything else you need or should have on your pc.  As you can
tell, I don't know an awful lot about these machines.  I am running an
Advance Pentium 100 really slow I know, but 2 years ago here in NZ, it
was the lastest pc available.
Thanks for your help
Lynette ( in NZ)
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