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[IP] A fear of mine

This may sound Funny to some of you but for me it SCARES the hell out of
me.  I guess it is mainly the idea of loss of control when i can't tell i
am loosing control.

For me Sleeping (yes sleeping) scares me to death sometimes.  I have had
those times where i know i am going low but just cannot wake up until i
reach that 30 level (i know this is not the lowest i have gone).  there has
been several times that i could hardly walk.  I usually keep something at
bed side and ALOT of times that does not even touch the lows and i have to
stumble to the fridge.  I am not scared of lows 99% of time when i am awake
mainly because I know that i can catch it.  I would say over the last 3
nights i have been able to sleep maybe 5 hours.  (lets just say i am a
walking zombie..  don't get me wrong i have tried to sleep but just can't
fall asleep (almost like i know something is going to happen).  and i hate
to take something to help me sleep.

thanx for the venting time.

On the breath taste subject..
It is strange when i go high i don't taste/smell anything its when i go low
that i can tell something is different.  when i hit a low spell and i
breath it feels like my cheast is hollow.  (i am the only one that ever
understands this discription)  ha ha.

Brian Carter
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