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[IP] work problems (pre pump)

At 01:36 PM 4/16/1999 EDT, you wrote:
>Theonly place that Ive had a problem at was the place I worked at they told 
>me not to test my sugar in the break room, well that is illegal to do 

I have had a problem like this I got a job in a chinese food place as a bus
boy back in 93.  I did  tell them tha i was diabetic and from how little i
understood they did not mind (but i really don't think they understood me).
 well the next day i showed up and after they ran low on people eating i
told them that i nneded to eat and would only take me a minute (sugar being
46 or 2.5 for the others here), they told me " NO not break time you can't
eat yet"  i told them that they had to allow me to treat myself.  They did
allow me to eat (5 minutes) and later that day they told me to call in the
morning to find out what days i worked ..

so the next morning i called and the said "The waitresses did not like they
way you worked, come get your check"  kinda funny i have worked with about
75% of them in other places  so i came in and told them where they could
put that check... he he

Discrimination is alive and well in more ways than people think.. 8(

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