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Re: [IP] Kidney Protein

    My 16 yr old daughter's protein levels dropped from 1500 mgs. to 288mgs a 
year ago & 300 mgs last month when a 24 hr urine was re-checked. Her 
nephrologist & endocrinologist are thrilled. She takes 10 mgs of Vasotec per 
day & her 90/60 bp prior to ACE inhibitors has remained the same. Can't 
really say it's due to the pump, BUT our cardiologist friend feels that the 
improved control (6.9 A1C in December) can only play a beneficial role in her 
overall health. What has me completely dumbfounded though is how few people 
(even long-term diabetics) have ever had a 24 hr urine done.....and how many 
endos react defensively whenever any of the parents who've heard Melissa's 
saga request this test. They're usually dismissed with a "oh - a spot morning 
urine is adequate". Well considering that Melissa's spot urine was "normal", 
I'd beg to differ!!!....I tell them that the odds are EXCELLENT that their 
child will be fine, since the percentage of kids so pre-disposed is very low, 
BUT that by doing an annual simple test, they're ensuring themselves peace of 
mind & an "early warning system" in the event that intervention could prove 
useful to ward off potential kidney deterioration in years ahead. The 
nephrologists feel this early intervention could change the course of kidney 
failure for diabetics in the future. Makes sense to me. Melissa's protein 
levels were so frighteningly high that we agreed to a kidney biopsy ( done 
under sedation) to confirm that there were no other kidney diseases to 
account for the protein. The electronmicroscopy (think that's what it was) 
tests indicated a pattern consistent with very preliminary changes  due to 

Regards, Renee ( who has learned more than I cared to about kidneys & protein)
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