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[IP] Bodily fluids

I feel like I'm in the minority here re: testing in public...but here goes:  
Diagnosed 13 years ago at age 17, I have never 'tested in public', 'out in 
the open' where just anyone (other than family) could see me stabbing my 
finger, and squeezing a drop of blood out!!  I find it to be somewhat 
offensive to expose the general public to bodily fluids.  I don't see the 
need for it, since it is very easy to set the meter on your lap, and 'do your 
thing' without making it a public presentation.  If it's an emergency, and 
you are testing for lows/highs, of course test, test, test no matter who's 

I have to say this bothers me.  I feel that there are many things that don't 
need to be hidden from others.  I personally didn't feel I should leave a  
room when nursing my children.  Especially  since I was being discreet.  That 
is a body fluid.  Why should I leave because I have something that is 
different from others? They don't touch the bodily fluids and many times I 
have taken my blood sugar very discreetly.  Would have been more obvious for 
me to get up and leave the room?  I guess I wonder if we start feeling the 
need to leave because our differences may bother others where will it stop?  
Will the person with AIDS not be allowed to sit at public places?  I mean he 
could cut himself on a knife at a table?  Will someone with burn scars need 
to wear covering because he may offend others?  Where does it stop if someone 
cant handle another person pricking their finger?

dx 3/6/82 at age 16   starting on her pump 4/26/99
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