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Re: [IP] Regular Insulin in Pump


I spoke to Eli Lilly numerous times about various issues with Humalog.
Looking back, it's kind of funny (in a frustrating way). The first few
times I contacted them and mentioned I was using it in a pump, they spent
more time taking down info about my doctor - his name, address, phone
number, when he prescribed it for me, whether he knew that it had not been
approved for pump use, etc. I mentioned this to my doc and he laughed,
saying "Oh, no. That means the Lilly rep will be stopping in here every day
now" <g>. Lilly spent a bunch of time reminding me that it wasn't "approved
for use in a pump". They didn't spend a lot of time taking information
about my particular problems.

My information was recorded by Lilly, but I have no way of knowing if I'm
"one of the thirteen". Frankly, I'd be a bit honored to be part of medical
history, but I'd much rather be part of an equally small group of lottery
winners <vbg>.

When I was discussing my history with my new endo several months ago, he
quickly replied that reports of an allergy to Humalog were about "one in
two million". He was joking - I question his math, but those of you who
know me realize I'm "extremely math challenged" <g>. I have a hunch that
Lilly's report of  "only 13 people" is not quite accurate, unless they are
restricting the statistics to people who have repeatedly demonstrated and
documented these problems in a controlled test environment. It seems that
most of our reports are "anecdotal" at best and that's a bit unfortunate.

Bob Burnett

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