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Re: [IP] Sleeping with my baby.

Everyone has their own opinion, unfortunately being passed on through a 
computer it is hard to tell what people mean by their words.  What one may 
write in good faith or judgment may come across completely different to 
another person.
About the family bed, breastfeeding, tubing problem, My son is 8 months, and 
I breastfed him until he was six months old, he slept in bed with us, and we 
had no problems...  Well, my son did stick his hand in my husbands mouth 
while he was sleeping, and my husband lost in dream land bit his hand, of 
course not intentionally.  No harm done, just a few whimpers, and hugs of 
apology.  Any how when I stopped breastfeeding him, he stayed in bed with us 
until we moved and now he has his own room, which he does fine in.
The point here being that I did have my pump during this time, and what I 
would do was circle the tubing up, like it comes in the package, and I would 
tuck the circle in the side of my panties, I would clip the pump to my undies 
on my side, or back or front, which may seem like a pain, which it was at 
first cause I never stay in one sleeping position, but I now I move it as to 
how I my position is while I am sleeping, I am sure I am awake somewhat, but 
I don't ever remember moving it.  I hope this helps!
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