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[IP] Sleeping with my baby.

Tara Dufour wrote
"Dear Kim,
	"I was disappointed by your reply to my question (regarding concerns that my
baby may get tangled in my insulin pump tubing while sleeping with me).  To
begin with, I did not ask for your opinion on co-sleeping, I asked for your
help with my insulin pump." 
	"Your scare tactics, regarding supposed deaths caused by parents overlying
their babies, were infuriating.  This kind of misinformation frightens
parents and removes their freedom to chose what sleeping arrangements best
suit their family's needs.  I am confident that if you research these deaths
in Ohio, they will turn out to be urban myths or a case of an intoxicated
parent who is not aware of his baby's presence in the bed."  
	"In the future, I would recommend that you work with people's questions and
concerns and not judge their personal lifestyles and decisions, nor give
out dangerous
advice on topics with which you are not familiar."

Tara Dufour

Dear Tara,
	Please let me start by apologizing for offending you.  The intent of my
original post was not to criticize you or your decisions personally, that
is why I left your name off my comment.  The incidents about which I
referred were reported on WHIO, Channel 7, and were not passed on to me
second hand.  I clearly remember the Montgomery County coroner saying how
these tragedies were completely preventable.  These tragedies made such a
stir in this area because 2 of them happened within 2 weeks of each other.
None of the parents were intoxicated and none were formally charged.  All
of them were devastated.
	My comment was not meant to scare, only to inform.  I was not "judging
your personal lifestyle and decisions".  My comment was not sent with
malice and I did not intend to hurt you.  It was meant solely as "food for
thought" to the general public.  I tried to lighten the mood in regards to
such a serious matter by congratulating you on the "impending arrival of no
sleep, dirty diapers and pure heaven."  That, too, was a comment meant
simply to generalize the condition of new parents who get little sleep
because of the demands of an infant, but who would not trade it for the
world.  It was not a personal "attack".  I hope you do "get plenty of sleep
with [your] baby at [your] side."  
	Unfortunately, I am all too familiar with infant deaths that occurred due
to an adult sleeping with them and felt the need to comment, not on your
personal choice, but the choice of anyone who takes this risk.  Again, I

Kim, dx 1993, pumping 7/98  (Thank you, Sherri)

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