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[IP] Bubbles & Pizza

Thanks for the info re the bubbles.  Any and all help is more than
welcome!  I do load at room temperature, but I guess those pesky little
critters are hiding on me.  The unfortunate thing is, I loaded for 6
days, but with all those in there, I don't think I want to leave that
cartridge in.  Oh, just thought, can I just take the tubing off,
reattach the needle and kick those bubbles out again?  Would seem a
shame to waste all that insulin..and lovely bubbles.  Would there be any
problems with contamination doing that?
Another thing, thanks for the info re pizza.  No one at our endo clinic
has used the square bolus so I was the adventurer.  I figured out the
carbs, spread the bolus out over two hours, and she has stayed within
our target range with tests every 2 hours.  That was 11:30 this morning
and it is now almost 5:30....am I out of the woods, or will I see a big
climb yet?  It seemed just a little bit too easy for my first pizza
try...although I did get great coaching!!
Thanks everyone,

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