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Re: [IP] bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles

Is it one big bubble or lots of tiny ones?

Things that have helped me:
        Fill syringes at room temp, I think Sam mentioned this.
        Put only half the air in.  Ex.  Filling for full cartridge 315
units, only put air in for 157.5 units.
        If the bubble is large it won't go into the tubing.  I've been
doing this for six months now and each cartridge I get my friendly bubble.
He's friendly now, he was the enemy for the first six months.

When I first started the cartridge filling I was about ready to give up the
pump or give me a extra bolus just to cover the stress level.  It would
take me an hour or more.  I have very little patience.  Anyway thanks to
the wonderful suggestions of this list, I can now fill 6 cartridges in
about 20 minutes, which means about 20 minutes every six weeks which is a
lot better than an hour a week!  :-)

You'll get the hang of it.

> QUESTION:  So, oh learned ones...what the heck am I doing wrong!!   :)
> ps....all of Erica's sugars but two have been in the target range for
> the past 3 days.  Heavenly! Sorry, just had to gloat a teeny weeny bit.
> I looked back at some old pre-pump logbooks and realized I could NEVER
> go back to traditional therapy.  Boy, those numbers were anxiety
> producing!

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