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Re: [IP] bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles

At 11:17 AM 4/16/1999  Duck And Barb wrote:
>I look at this
>syringe,leave it sitting for a while,  not a bubble to be seen....not
>even an itty bitty teeny weeny one....and then today I look into the
>back of the pump and the syringe is FULL of bubbles!!Arrrgh

After you have expelled the initial big bubble and have drawn back the 
syringe, rap the reservoir hard on all sides with something solid. You'll 
see all sorts of hidden bubbles scooting towards the top. Also, make sure 
that your insulin is at room temperature when you draw out the insulin. 
Cold insulin apparently holds air that can come out of solution once it 
warms up in your pump.

I hope this helps.


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