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[IP] bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles

Hi everyone,
I am so proud of myself.  I draw the insulin into the syringe, I use a
method someone mentioned a while back, which means I insert another
needle into it at the same time and the air is brought into the vial
that way.  I usually am left with a big bubble near the top of the
syringe which is generally easy to push out.  I look at this
syringe,leave it sitting for a while,  not a bubble to be seen....not
even an itty bitty teeny weeny one....and then today I look into the
back of the pump and the syringe is FULL of bubbles!!Arrrgh

QUESTION:  So, oh learned ones...what the heck am I doing wrong!!   :)
ps....all of Erica's sugars but two have been in the target range for
the past 3 days.  Heavenly! Sorry, just had to gloat a teeny weeny bit.
I looked back at some old pre-pump logbooks and realized I could NEVER
go back to traditional therapy.  Boy, those numbers were anxiety

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