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Re: Re: [IP] Re: Trigger finger

I was diagnosed with a trigger finger last year.  I had two injections 
(separate times) that did not seem to work.  With the first injection I was 
totally frightened.  With the second I knew what to expect.  It's not really 
bad.  The difficult part is that they keep the needle in for a minute or so 
but you really only feel pressure, not pain.  Anyway, since the injections 
did not work he was going to operate.   He said it was a simple procedure 
(and by the way did not blame the D).    Before I could schedule the 
operation I sprained my foot (klutsy).  I decided to wait with the finger 
operation.  My foot has still lnot healed (since October) but my trigger 
finger healed itself and now it's fine.    Ronee
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