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Re: Test Proudly! (Was Re: [IP] Blaming Diabetics)

You weren't slammed..if you are in a medical profession you ought to
that diabetics don't need to hide in a closet..
As for you seeing more blood than me? Who knows..I was on a trauma team for 15
yrs,,what does that matter anyway? how much is too much blood anyway.
I was diagnosed as a youth and I have ALOT more years of wisdom under my belt.
I'll be 50 in June...you could be one of my kids ;)
.I would never stoop to using a bahtroom in a stall to check BGs..Only
have to stoop that low..
This is my opinion and I am sticking too it.
You have yours too but don't try to make anyone feel less of a person bceause
of it.
If you feel slammed maybe  it isn't slammed but convicted,
Have a good day.
I need to get on with life. I just found out they found a spot on my

At 11:05 AM 4/16/99 , you wrote:
>SLAMMED!!!  was waiting for it............
>and yes, i am a person with diabetes.  dx'd at age 17; i'm 30 now.  and
no, i 
>don't find you or your artificial larynx offensive.  i'm even willing to bet 
>that i've seen much more BLOOD than you have in your lifetime.  
>i still stand strong....it is not necessary to squeeze a drop of blood out
>your finger in front of a stranger.  if it's an emergency, fine, other than 
>that...it is easy enough to do without 'making' someone look at the blood.  
>i'm hoping that someone ahead of me at my dinner table didn't just squeeze a 
>drop of blood and have it spray (and it does spray sometimes! lol)  all over 
>the table.  maybe it's the nurse in me, but universal precautions do exist.
>there's a time and a place for everything.......
>be well,
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