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Re: [IP] Re: Questions, Questions, Questions, Before getting the pump!

I went fomr the disetronic to the minimed 507c. It has been great..The dual
wave bolus has really helped me ALOT!  It is the difference between night and
day for me. I can take my prednisone and keep my BGs in under 150!!!! before
when on the Disetronic I was on the 300-400 even testing q4 hrs and bolusing..
Even in spite of chronic pain and other stuff I go through I am doing great
with my BGS and this may help save my life and my vision and heart and kidneys
as the other health problem I have is taking away most everything else.
Ginny happy pumper MiniMed 507C for 3 1/2 months
Type I for 30+ yrs

At 09:09 AM 4/16/99 , you wrote:
>Well here I am again, more questions!
>I've heard different ones going from Minimed to Disetronic pump, but not the 
>other way around, and I haven't heard anything about D pump people dislike. 
>Any comments?
>In general how long do most pumps last or get replaced?
>how would you rate the memory of the pumps( is one any better or not enough 
>to matter)?
>I was told some people gain weight when going on the pump (I'm hopeing to 
>exersize more!).
>I've read comments and wonder will I need to get up offen in the night to 
>maybe more so getting started?
>Do you feel going on the pump makes a big difference ( stops or slows down) 
>what really qualifies a person to get a pump? ( like should most people-
>1's  get one) Or people with problems-highs,lows ect.
>Here 's a few of my own thoughts so far-
>I viewed both video's on the pumps,talked to someone in my area ( alot of 
>help,encouranging) I like the looks of the minimed (looks more like a 
>pager)and it s the older co. of the two. But the way the D pump disconect & 
>waterproff is a plus! Reliability is important. 
>Someone said make sure the rep works well with you.
> I hope this wasn't to long!   Thanks for your comments!     Rosemary   
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