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Re: Test Proudly! (Was Re: [IP] Blaming Diabetics)

You wrote:
>>  I find it to be somewhat offensive to
>> expose the general public to bodily fluids.  I don't see the need for it,
>> since it is very easy to set the meter on your lap, and 'do your thing'
>> without making it a public presentation.  

Well get used to it! Seeing there are MILLIONS of people with diabetes you are
going to see ahole lot more BLOOD.
I am not hiding anything. I have struggled and continue to fight to stay
Are you a diabetic?  If so how can you find it offensive that people are
to take care of themselves?  TOo bad I can't use my artifical larynx over the
net. It sounds like a mans voice..I am female..believe it or not some around
here find that offensive too..Too bad because I am not going to go and hide
somewhere..Life is for living..and if people cannot handle disabilities all I
can say is I pity them and they need a reality check.  We have this wonderful
technology today and people are threatened by this..until they need to use
Off my soap,

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