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[IP] Sharon B. Green -site prob, one more ...

One more thing it could be.  Is the you're using metal or teflon.  I can't use
metal.  It gives me red blotches and very itchy.

Ted Quick wrote:

> "Sharon B. Green" wrote:
> >
> > I am a 58 year old having diabetes for the past 16 years.  From day 1 I
> > have been very brittle and the only way I feel I can control my diabetes is
> > to be on the pump, which I began 3 years ago.  My A1C has improved greatly
> > and I know what to do until I get out in the sun and then my blood sugar
> > cannot be kept high enough.  If I go out for a long hike with my husband I
> > almost always will drop low.  Now I am having some problems with the pump

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