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[IP] thanks and farewell (giving up on getting a pump)

Dear Greet,

Re: your message about giving up on getting a pump:

I would not give up, if I were you.  I also have "brittle" diabetes and
gastroparesis. I've been wearing a pump for a year and a half, and it
has done marvels for my control.  My glycohemoglobin (tested every 3
months) has been 6.0 the last two times, and that's practically
non-diabetic.  And my episodes of GP have greatly diminished in

My doctor _recommended_ the pump for me.  Perhaps you should look for a
different one who is more receptive to the idea.  (Many docs simply
don't want to be bothered supervising the transition or else are not
familiar enough with pumps to feel confident.

As for the insurance company -- have you exhaused all options? 
Sometimes a letter from a doctor explaining the justification is all it
takes.  It has been well demonstrated that people on pumps are under
better control than those who are not, and that means fewer
complications down the road.  And complications are what make diabetes
so expensive for insurance companies to cover.

My advice: don't give up.  Have another go at it.  It's well worth the
effort and time.  And stick with the Pumpers list, too.

Good luck.

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