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[IP] Re: Questions, Questions, Questions, Before getting the pump!

Well here I am again, more questions!

I've heard different ones going from Minimed to Disetronic pump, but not the 
other way around, and I haven't heard anything about D pump people dislike. 
Any comments?

In general how long do most pumps last or get replaced?

how would you rate the memory of the pumps( is one any better or not enough 
to matter)?

I was told some people gain weight when going on the pump (I'm hopeing to 
exersize more!).

I've read comments and wonder will I need to get up offen in the night to 
maybe more so getting started?

Do you feel going on the pump makes a big difference ( stops or slows down) 

what really qualifies a person to get a pump? ( like should most people- type 
1's  get one) Or people with problems-highs,lows ect.

Here 's a few of my own thoughts so far-
I viewed both video's on the pumps,talked to someone in my area ( alot of 
help,encouranging) I like the looks of the minimed (looks more like a 
pager)and it s the older co. of the two. But the way the D pump disconect & 
waterproff is a plus! Reliability is important. 
Someone said make sure the rep works well with you.
 I hope this wasn't to long!   Thanks for your comments!     Rosemary   
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