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Pump Progress (was)Re: [IP] One step closer for Alex

    Thank YOU for letting us all know success stories like this. What keeps 
me coming back here ( aside from Sam & Sara's wit, Randall's sermons, 
Barbara's expertise, etc...) is knowing what a difference we can all be 
making in a child ( or an adult)'s life by encouraging, by empowering, by 
supporting those who seek a better life with diabetes. I had lunch yesterday 
with 7 other moms with diabetic kids- sort of a "free group therapy" session 
( other than paying for our lunch!!!) 4 of us had kids on pumps & the other 4 
were relating scenarios that we pump-moms no longer had to confront ( like 
watching your child be excluded when a classmate's mom brought in cupcakes 
for a birthday an hour after lunch). I turned to one of them & said "THIS is 
the critical INTANGIBLE that the doctors never see when they're scrutinizing 
bg records.....they never see the tears held back, the haunted & hunted look 
in the mother's eyes, the wear & tear from the unrelenting constancy of 
living by that @$#%* CLOCK, etc etc. Even if pump therapy WAS harder than MDI 
( which I don't believe it is), it would be worth it if for no other reason 
than to LIBERATE a child from that UNNATURAL way of life. Yes, many children 
with severe chronic illnesses do not lead normal lives - nor does anyone 
expect them to, when they are clearly handicapped or physically limited in 
some way.  Our children, fortunately, CAN act & look normal......why then 
shouldn't physicians be encouraging them to benefit from "state of the art" 
options which deliver a life style more in keeping with their capabilities?
   Ok..off this morning's soapbox!!  Hugs to you and Alex!!!

Regards, Renee
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