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[IP] re:pumping in the UK

Second instalment: 
the nurse just rang and said she didn't have the suppiles in yet and could I wait till Monday?
"No way",I said, "I'm starting today with or without your help."
"OK, you'd better come in this afternoon then and we'll sort you out."
For one thing, I want to start over the weekend so that if things go
haywire it will be easier if I'm not at work (since I'm not going to
be counting on ringing her up for advice!)

I forgot to mention - I don't know if she is "officially trained" or
not. I suspect not. She never claimed she was. I shall be asking her
(politely) this afternoon!
I'm also going with a bunch of info printed out from this website for her!
At least she seems happy to learn from me.
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