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[IP] One step closer for Alex


We had our first appt. with a new ped.endo yesterday.  The day started
out as a fiasco but ended up with the results we were hoping for.  The
fiasco is too long to explain but we ended up in the hands of a
wonderful doctor.  After some discussion with us and Alex, he says that
Alex is a prime candidate for the pump.  Alex will be 10 and june and
they usually wait until 12 but, since he is already doing 4-5 shots/day
and 6-8 tests/day and carbo counting and he wants the pump the dr. said
we would go for it.  This Dr. had a great bedside manner(unlike our old
ped.endo) and he even talked directly to Alex and said he could have his
parents step out of the room at any time(Alex didn't mind us there even
when he had to take off his pants so dr could check his legs but, that
may be ending soon).  The RN/CDE will be calling us to set up a trial
pumping session for us and Alex.  And then barring any insurance
problems we hope to start Alex pumping in July.

I have learned so much information by just reading at this sight and am
sure i will need you all even more when we actually start pumping!
Thanks for being here.

mother of Alex(9 3/4) dx'd @ 5

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