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Re: [IP] Regular Insulin in Pump

Denise asked:

"What made you decide to stop Humalog and switch to Velosulin?  Are you
sensitive to Humalog?"

The quick answer is "I had no choice". I was getting no response from it; I
often needed to change infusion sites at least twice a day, frequently
three times a day; my sites were all very hard, as if muscle had developed
under the surface; sites were usually bright pink, often red immediately
after inserting new sets, especially after boluses; frequent rapid, racing

I tried mixing for a short period of time, but it didn't alleviate the

The kicker was when my wife noticed a bright rash on my upper chest
immediately following a bolus. After a lot of soul searching, much review
of logs, documentation, etc. my doc and I decided that this was probably an
allergy. Since there don't appear to be many tests for insulin allergy, the
"simplest" thing to do was stop the Humalog.

Things improved almost instantly. Infusion site tissue returned to normal,
remained soft, pliable; sets remained in place for several days - as an
experiment, I was able to go as long as 4 -5 days with the same set at the
same site, soon after switching back to V; the pink / red color at the
sites disappeared. I also noted that there was far less frequency of blood
in the cannula after switching back. This used to happen at least once
every 1 to 11/2 weeks. It has not happened in over 4 months now. I have no
idea if this is related - it's merely my observation.

I've used Humalog in a pen since then on occasion. I've been able to use
small amounts of it to bring down high BGs (typical doses of less than 2
units). I had one occasion several months ago where I got a deep rash in my
upper chest within 5 minutes of a 4 unit dose of Humalog by pen. I have to
assume that is the same reaction I've seen prior.

Do I miss Humalog? You betcha - it allowed spontaneity, relatively flat BG
levels with not a lot of extra effort on my part (the cynic in me thinks
"Wow, Eli Lilly has sold a lot of pumps" <vbg>.

Do I miss the hassles? Not one bit <g>

Would I go back to Humalog (or another variation on it, when available) if
these problems were taken care of? Yes I would - though a bit older and
wiser now :-)

I'm reminded of the line from that Grateful Dead song: "What a long,
strange trip it's been ...." <vbg>

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