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[IP] Pump knowledge in the UK

Hi Di,

I really am sorry to hear you did not get hooked up yesterday. I know how
much you were looking forward to it.

As far as knowledge is concerned, we do have several FULLY TRAINED Diabetic
Nurse Specialistists in the UK but unfortunately they are all (to my
knowledge) only trained on the Disetronic.

In addition, Disetronic also have a fully trained nurse who travels the UK
training new pump users. As far as I know, Minimed are only represented in
the UK by a distributor. I have no idea what they do for training.

As I mentioned to you before, if you need any specialist help, just let me
know and I will get Joan Everett (DNS at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital) to
contact you, she did try to contact your nurse but could get no reply.

Finally, it is for this very reason (lack of knowledge & education) that I
set up INPUT GROUP. (thanks for the offer of help, I will take you up on
that). I know that in the months to come awareness of Pump Therapy will be
come more and more apparent, I am determined to make sure that the Medical
Profession know what it's all about.

Once again Di, I really am sorry that this has happened to you, but in some
ways it may help to promote pump therapy, because, with your permission, I
intend to use your experience to further the cause.

You know my Tel. Number, if you need to chat just ring. I'm glad you've got
John Neale handy as well, so between us we will get you started.

Stay Happy.

John Davis.

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