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[IP] The Fast Take data connection

I went to the web site http://www.LifeScan.com   and wrote a note 
asking when a data cable would be available for Fast Take meters, 
like they have for the Profile. The following is their response:

In response to your message, LifeScan is pleased to announce the 
FastTake Meter Adapter is now available.  It will allow you to 
download your meter memory into your computer.  A LifeScan 
Interface Cable is required in addition to the FastTake Adapter to 
connect to the serial port on your computer.  

You can acquire an Adapter and/or an Interface Cable by calling 
our Data Management Professional Line at 1 800 382-7226, M-F, 
8AM to 5PM, PST.  You may also e-mail us at 
email @ redacted  In either case we will need your name 
and complete address.  Please tell us whether you currently have a 
LifeScan Interface Cable for another LifeScan meter.  

For your information the upgraded IN TOUCH Software that is 
compatible with the FastTake Meter is still under development, but 
we anticipate that it will be available soon.  At this time you can 
use HyperTerminal or Terminal to communicate with your meter.  If 
you choose to receive a FastTake adapter, we would be pleased to 
forward you instructions on how to use this feature.  We will 
continue to keep your name on file and notify you when the 
upgraded IN TOUCH Software is available.

George Lovelace
email @ redacted
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