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Re: [IP] "Fizzy Tablets" (for fun)-inaccurate test results

In a message dated 4/15/99 2:36:56 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<<they went from blue (negative=good) thru green, 
then orange, then all the way to a dark brown(=Bad) Either my betz cells are 
misfiring (quite possible) and the memories are fading, or I was "badder" 
than you all who remember just the orange :-) >>

I worked for a short period in a lab at a military hospital in the urine 
chemistry section, and I got reported and criticized for finding too many 5% 
results.  Our protocol called for doing a more sensitive test when the first 
test had "passed through" the orange and gone to brown, but nobody else 
looked (including the boss), and all would report that result as 1 or 2% and 
never do the test that showed it to be 5%.  I of course knew how frequently 
it really happened because I (like others have mentioned) was always either 
negative(blue) or all the way to orange or farther.  I finally got the Ames 
rep to back me up on it in a staff meeting -- up to then they just didn't 
believe me.  It was one of the experiences that have made me take all test 
results with a grain of salt.

Or a grain of sugar.  The other day I was doing a bs test 20 minutes after 
taking DEX tabs to bring up a low, and got a reading of 326.  After washing 
my hands it was 74.

Linda Zottoli
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