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[IP] Humalog and the Hot Florida Sun

-Just thought I'd send this in case anyone else does a silly thing like I did 
this week....

I just talked to Eli Lilly today concerning a bottle of Humalog that I had 
accidently left in my car for about 6 hours.  The temperature that day was 
about 90 degrees.

Eli Lilly said that they have tested Humalog at temperatures of 95 degrees 
for a period of 6 hours.  There was no difference in the potency of the 
insulin.  They also said they did the test again at 95 degrees for a period 
of twelve hours, and there was only a slight difference in the potency.  The 
pharmacist there said that the difference would not have been noticable to 
the patient if they had used this insulin.  She also noted that if there was 
ANY difference in the appearance of the insulin such as crystalization, or 
color change (Humalog would turn a yellow color), she said not to use it.  If 
there was no difference in the appearance, then it should be O.K. to use.

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