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[IP] Pump Alarm Clock

Sheila wrote: "On the lighter side-How about an alarm clock to tell us to
get up to test at night LOL."

Actually Sheila, the Minimed 507c does have a sort-of "alarm clock".  You
can set the "auto-off" feature for up to 16 hours.  As long as you don't
touch any of the buttons an alarm will sound at whatever time you have
set-say 4 hours for a 3 AM check.  Of course if you are sleeping on your
pump the body tends to muffle the alarm-OK my body muffles the alarm but my
husband manages to use an elbow to wake me so same diff!  It makes up for
him hitting the "snooze" 6 times! <tee hee hee>

Kim dx 1993, pumping 7/98

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