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[IP] Re: IP-Dreams

On my homeymoon 29 1/2 yrs ago I woke up my hubby by yelling 'The elephants
coming! The Elephants are coming. Hide Hide! LOL
Also on our honeymoon during my sleep I yelled "Here comes the funeral jazz
band..here it comes let's join it" LOL
We were in New Orleans..
As far as the elephant dream I took my glasses and was pounding the side of my
bed with them LOL. Poor guy..he didn;t know what to think.
Oh dear..how funny to remember things.
New equipment..artifical larynx working very good for me such a relief to talk
again. TENS unit tomorrow..will that interfere with the pump at all?
Swallowing problems will be addressed at next therapy next week.
It is tiring. I have OT, PT and Speech all in one day. 
hair is falling out from my meds. Things can be worse.
I am trying to figure out how to start a non profit organization to help
get the assisitive devices they need. But I don;t know where to start.
My dogs look at me funny with the new voice but they follow the commands and
are not afraid of me.
Since my pain factor is going donw a bit my BGs are doing better!
That helps me feel better too.

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