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Re: [IP] Frequent Testers, and Anywhere testers...

Tara Dufour wrote:
> Has anyone ever had to test in the middle of a movie theatre or somewhere
> else where it's dark?  Wouldn't it be beneficial to have a back lighted LCD
> screen like the pump?? Has anyone suggested this to a company or heard of a
> machine coming out with this feature?

With the older style "colorimeter" meters this wouldn't work. Since they shine 
a light on the sample, which depends on having a normal amount of background
it would read VERY innacurately, if at all.

Newer electronic style meters don't have this problem, as far as I know, 
since they just pass some current through the sampole and measure the change
in the signal. If your meter has a white spot to put the sample an, and usually
the sample goes above the meter, it's likely a colorimeter.

If the sample is at the uter end of the strip it's likely electronic.

Ted Quick
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