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[IP] Regular insulin in Pump

I have been pumping Humalog for nearly one year and I don't like Humalog 
because it acts too quickly and it's duration is too short.  My endo suggests 
I try Regular in my pump and see if it matches my present rate of food 
absorption better than Humalog.. (I have gastroparesis)  He feels my basals 
are ok and the amounts I bolus are correct, but the rebounds from hypos mess 
everything up. 
I realize I will have to test even more frequently (I test 8 times a day) but 
I need to know what to watch for if I attempt the change. Because of the 
longer time action of Regular do I need to space my meals differently to 
account for the remaining insulin in my body?  Has anyone else made this kind 
of change? 

Denise Guerin
Type1 45 years

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