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Re: [IP] RE: Accu-Chek Complete

Lynette Parker wrote:
> Just a question regarding the Accu-Chek Complete meter.  My husband
> finds this meter to absolutely marvelous, as it goes hand and hand with
> his 507 pump.  Only thing, he has not been able to do is get a reading
> for his HbA1C readings.  He has read the book from front to back, but I
> am sure he is just overlooking how to actually achieve this part of his
> meter.  Everything he has no trouble with: exercise, bolus, basal rates
> etc.. but he just can't seem to work out how to enter the HbA1C
> readings.  

I hadn't heard that it was possible to put A1c results into that meter, or any
other meter for that matter. What have you seen that claims it can do so?

Somehow it seems that A1c readings are beside the point for a meter. It
isn't what it tests, as such, and since there are no set standards for A1c
readings yet it would only confuse the programming in the meter, IMHO.

Ted Quick
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