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[IP] RE: Accu-Chek Complete

Hello everyone

Just a question regarding the Accu-Chek Complete meter.  My husband
finds this meter to absolutely marvelous, as it goes hand and hand with
his 507 pump.  Only thing, he has not been able to do is get a reading
for his HbA1C readings.  He has read the book from front to back, but I
am sure he is just overlooking how to actually achieve this part of his
meter.  Everything he has no trouble with: exercise, bolus, basal rates
etc.. but he just can't seem to work out how to enter the HbA1C
readings.  I noticed someone name Brian, has the software for
downloading the data from these meters.  Is this available
internationally, or only in the USA?  
Thanks for your advice
Lynette ( hubby 23yrs IDDM on 507 pump)
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