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Re: [IP] Implantable Pump

I believe that Disetronic has stopped investigating the implantable 
due to the fact of a battery change requiring surgery. Their focus is 
now on the Peritoneal Shunt to deliver insulin more closely to the 
Liver where it will be used more efficiently.

>> Still waiting for an implantable pump?  I knew a guy who had  
>> one  in  the VA Beach area about 10 years ago.  Can't          
>> remember if he  was a  study participant or not, but he definitely 
>> had one.  So I  know they  exist. 
> Yes, it is the MM2000. I think D is working on one also. They are 
> still in the 'study' phase. Lily's doc had a patient with one for a   
> while.  

George Lovelace
email @ redacted
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