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Re: [IP] Re:hypo dreams, et al

>  They frequently involve some outside stimulus, such as the alarm ringing,
>which gets morphed into the dream and "becomes" something totally
different.   Once >I wake up and treat, I
>realize that the dream made little sense, but while it's happening I'm
>frustrated with my own ability to understand the task at hand.  Amazing to
see that
>clear connection between brain dysfunction (in the absense of sugar) and

I am the same way with the alarm clock it becomes part of the dream  the
only thing that does not become part of the dream is my pumps alarm. for
sum reason that is the best thing i have found to wake me up.  the weird
thing is is that i only understand the dreams when i am low.. when my
sugars come up they seem strange.  but when it goes back down i can
understand the dream perfically.

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