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[IP] Re:hypo dreams, et al

> From: Diana Maynard <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Re: hypos
> Laura,
> I almost always dream about being hypo when I go low in the
> night. Usually it's a "I'm hypo and I need food but I can't get it"
> and then I wake up and find I am hypo.
> I even dreamt once recently that a certain person on this list was
> telling me I was hypo and I didn't believe them, and then woke up to
> find they were right!
> Di

This is really interesting to me, because I've never talked with anyone else who
describes those weird dreams I always have when I'm low.  Mine are different from
these.  They frequently involve some outside stimulus, such as the alarm ringing,
which gets morphed into the dream and "becomes" something totally different.  The
dreams are sort of murky and always frustrating.  Usually, there is some impossible
task that I don't understand and have to complete.  Once I wake up and treat, I
realize that the dream made little sense, but while it's happening I'm totally
frustrated with my own ability to understand the task at hand.  Amazing to see that
clear connection between brain dysfunction (in the absense of sugar) and those

> Hi everyone my HA1C is the best it has ever been it is 6.9  Iam so happy
> about this.  I want to tell everyone.  Tammy

Tammy-Congratulations!!  Jen


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