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Re: [IP] supply question

Hi Brian,

Funny....I just contacted 2 companies that produce these devices.  Here is 
some information on the pens.

Eli Lilly, started producing a disposable pre-filled pen in March 1999.  
Their phone number is 1-800-545-5979

NovoPen. This is the one that I have always used.  I currently use it in the 
1.5 ml version and I have it filled with Humalog cartridges.  The 1.5 is 
available over the counter at the pharmacy.  Novo Nordisk, the maker of the 
NovoPen, has now produced a 3.0 ml version of this pen, and they are 
currently running a promotion where you can get this pen free of charge.  The 
phone number for Novo Nordisk is

Novo Nordisk also has a pre-filled version of the pen.  The pen comes with 
the insulin already in the pen and after it is empty, you just throw it away. 
 I have also used this version of the pen.  It came in handy when I traveled.

Hope this helps,

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