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Re: [IP] more beginner questions....

 > Hmmm..... you may be a candidate for the
>  H/V mix. Lily was unable to >go more than 2 days reliably with
>  straight H. She uses an H/V, 5/1 >mix and always get her 4 th day.
>  She changes twice a week. >>
> Michael,
> What is the H/V mix??  get her 4th day? ....Does this mean she can
> go 4 days without having to change the set?  Thank you,

Yes, she changes twice a week, once on the weekend and once 

H/V mix is a mix of Humalog and Velosulin. about 6% of the reporting 
list pumpers use this technique for the reason above. Some pumpers 
appear to have site irritation and failure if they use straight 
Humalog, my daughter among them. See the ABOUT page of the web site 
for the breakdown of percentages of who uses what mix, but generally 
the mix ratios most common vary from 5 parts H to 1 part V :::
3 parts H to 1 part V.

The additional benefits seem to be that onset (peak) is about the 
same, the tail is a little fatter and longer. This has enabled Lily 
to not have to use a square wave except for pizza , mac+cheese, and 
foods like that. You can tailor the mix to suit your digestion 

The "ride" is reportedly smoother with the mix. Some pumpers have 
reported feeling "funny" with big boluses or when comming down 
quickly. As in "I feel low" but testing shows normal. Others have 
reported mysterious highs that appear like rebounds when no low was 
detected (after feeling funny). This is moderated or eliminated with 
a mix of H/V according to Lily and other pumpers.

That's all I know. Some of those actually using the mix themselves 
may be able to add to this.

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