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[IP] ACCU-Chek Mishap

HA HA leave it to those Accu-chek people to make my day.. I ordered that
Accutility software for my computer ($34.95) and it came in.. when i opened
the box WHAT DID I SEE they sent me 2 programs instead of one.. he he..
just to be nice i called them and informed them of the mistake (and make
sure i was not charged for 2) and they just said " hmm that odd well in the
long run it would cost a little more just for us to mail it back to ourself
so just keep it or give it to someone who needs it, and sorry for the
inconvenience"  i never thought of getting something free as a
inconvenience but hay its FREE.. ha ha... within 15 minutes it was given
away.. i like the programs it offers.. he he for once i got something out
of it.. (but then again i probably paid for it 10 fold threw the test strips).

Brian Carter
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